Scaffolding QLD: World Class Scaffolding for a World Class State

The recent upsurge in infrastructure construction in Queensland has made the 2nd largest state in Australia a hotspot for scaffolding contractors. Today, about 20% of more than 500 scaffolding installation businesses in all of Australia are located in QLD.

Queensland’s Workplace Health and Safety guidelines require all scaffolding QLD services to provide its workers with full compensation and insurance coverage. This is also to be done in compliance with Queensland WorkCover industry standards on scaffolding materials to use.

Scafflink Australia is a reputable QLD scaffolding installation service provider. We take pride in our 16 years of history attesting to our high-quality service and professionalism.

Queensland’s Premiere Scaffolding Services Provider

Scafflink Australia is accredited with Queensland WH&S and WorkCover in providing competent scaffolding service.

Our manpower is made up of the state’s experts and top-notch workers. Our wide network of contacts and suppliers in the country and abroad ensures that our materials are of the finest and durable quality.

So, whether it’s for a residential, commercial or industrial building, our QLD scaffolding services consider the safety of the work place. We also ensure efficiency of the construction as a priority with our wide coverage of services:

  • Hiring of scaffolding equipment and manpower
  • Steel or aluminium scaffolding erection
  • Construction and demolition services
  • 24/7 monitoring and overseeing of the scaffold installation
  • Dismantling and clean-up services

Our QLD scaffold services allow you to choose between the different scaffolding categories depending on the need of your project. Yes, we give you the flexibility and variety that most scaffolding service providers lack:

  • Kwikstage scaffold
  • Peri Up scaffold
  • Aluminium scaffold

QLD Scaffolding Features Scaffmesh


Scafflink Australia also introduces Scaffmesh. It is a lightweight alternative to the industry-standard chain wires and brick guards used by most contractors.


Our Scaffmesh product is an all-in-one product that conveniently replaces the need for these materials, thus cutting your cost. What’s more, Scaffmesh is a reusable material, and is 10 times faster to mount than the conventional materials.


Scafflink Australia is an accredited scaffolding service provider. We not only provide our workers with a safe and efficient work environment –we also make sure that all QLD safety measures are followed and materials used meet your standards.


We have established relationships with some of Queensland’s reputable companies and businesses. These make us confident that we can guarantee you a best service available, whatever your scaffolding QLD needs.


Get to know more about our service. Contact Scafflink Australia at your earliest convenience to see all the scaffolding QLD solutions we provide.