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Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Queensland Tennis Centre and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art are all wonderful venues located in Brisbane. Similarly, the Infinity Tower, Soleil, and Central Plaza 1 are majestic skyscrapers erected in Bris Vegas. All these tall, sky-high structures cannot be completed without using scaffoldings.

Safe and secure scaffolding Brisbane

Scaffolds, also called stages, are non-permanent structures built to support the construction of edifices. They are used to provide stable platforms for construction workers whose tasks cannot be finished from the ground level or through a finished floor. Certain forms of scaffoldings are also used to prevent tools in construction from falling when being used to work at a particular height. Because scaffolding Brisbane is used at a certain level, Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations classified it as a high risk job.

Because of its nature, there are a lot of accidents reported to have been caused by scaffolds. Flinders University stated that there were 906 reported cases of injury involving scaffoldings. In order to prevent injuries and accidents while installing or using scaffolding Brisbane, you must choose a partner that ensures your structure’s overall safety. Make sure that your partner in construction has the ability to provide you with safe and stable scaffolding structure, and manage all the risks that come with it. Choose a scaffolding Brisbane company that performs the following risk management strategies.

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Scafflink Australia identifies the hazards

As your partner in scaffolding Brisbane, we undertake to observe the place where the scaffolds will be installed. We check the conditions of the area, the place where vehicles and pedestrians will pass, and other fixed structures nearby to have a bird’s eye view of how the scaffolds should stand. After installation, we maintain in control of the scaffolds and ensure stability all throughout the project.

Scafflink Australia takes action to control those risks

Knowing the hazards is not enough to ensure the safety of your workers and the people who pass underneath the scaffolds. Hence, the scaffolding Brisbane company must perform actions to contain the risk and minimise overall hazard. This includes mounting concrete barriers to separate pedestrians and requiring a hard hat area for workers.

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Scafflink Australia is a scaffolding Brisbane expert that ensures the overall safety of your scaffoldings from erecting to dismantling. Contact Scafflink today so you can rest assured that you meet the high standards set by the Queensland government.