Let Qualified Tradesmen Handle your Scaffolding Townsville

As an integral part of any building or construction job, scaffolds have been used since the early times so that construction workers are able to complete their jobs safely and efficiently.


Modern construction, however, dictates certain safety measures for scaffolding erection. Legal stipulations set by OH&S WorkCover are to be complied, covering all Australian territories, including scaffolding Townsville installation.

Scaffolding Townsville: Avoiding Accidents

To ensure that the scaffolds are secure, below is a short checklist of what licenced scaffolders must observe and comply:

  • The scaffolds should be set on stable ground.
  • The scaffolds must be erected at least 3 to 4 metres off a power line.
  • The scaffolds erected should be sufficiently rigid to carry load that may be four times heavier than its own weight.
  • The scaffolds must come with sturdy guardrails.
  • Any unstable objects, like loose construction materials (barrels, bricks or blocks), should never be used to build the scaffolds.
  • The planks to the scaffolds must be of good quality grade. It should be set down tightly on the platform.
  • Any time parts of the scaffolds are broken, such as screws, brackets, ropes or chains, its replacement must be done immediately, and workers are not to be allowed to use this while in need of repair and replacement.
  • Only qualified and licenced scaffolding Townsville professionals must install, adjust and dismantle the scaffolds.
  • Inspection must be done regularly, particularly if the construction has high activity, to ensure that its structural integrity is never compromised.
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Everyone on the site must be educated about the safety and hazards of scaffolding use.

Scaffolding Townsville: DIY vs. Professional Service

It may be tempting to set up the scaffolding on your own. You might want to save money instead of hiring a professional particularly if the construction job is simple. However, there are certain drawbacks to a do-it-yourself process.

For instance, when it comes to safety issues, you won’t have the same assurance as in knowing that your scaffolds are set up by a well-trained and knowledgeable professional who complies with strict requirements.

With bigger industrial and construction sites, on the other hand, licenced scaffolders are actually mandatory.

Entrust your next project to Scafflink Australia and ensure scaffolding work that meets Australian Safety Standards.