Choose the Type of Scaffolding for your Next Project in Ipswich

At Scafflink Australia, we offer you various options to ensure that your scaffolding needs are met in the urban centre of Ipswich, Queensland.

Why you need the right scaffolding for your next project

Different structures require varying types of scaffolds. Each kind is used depending on how the scaffolding should interact with the structure it is built against, how it should be constructed, and the weight it should support.


For example, suspended scaffoldings are used usually by window washers. On the other hand, cantilever scaffoldings are supported only at one end that is attached to the building.

Why you need to hire qualified specialists

To maintain the safety of your workers and pedestrians, the Queensland government strongly recommends that you hire a competent and outstanding scaffolding company with experience serving the Ipswich area. Don’t worry – Scafflink Australia is here.

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As your scaffolding Ipswich expert, we will provide the safe services you require, including labour and transportation for installing and dismantling the scaffolds.

Some types of scaffolding and their use

Below are some of the scaffolds Scafflink Australia can build for you.

Birdcage scaffold

Birdcage scaffolding is one of the simplest types of scaffolds. It is an independent structure consisting of two or more rows of vertical poles called standards connected by horizontal poles called ledgers or transoms. It is very easy to install and to dismantle, making it perfect for small and contained projects like painting the ceiling.

Trestle scaffold

Trestle scaffolding, on the other hand, consists of trestle ladder and can be of two frames – A and H. Its full width should be fully and uniformly planked with no cracks, splits or bends to prevent injury. It can only be used for light-duty tasks. Moreover, Scafflink Australia does not simply use stepladders as trestle scaffolds; instead, we shall build one according to your specifications.

Suspended scaffold

Suspended scaffold is also called suspended cradle or swing-stage. It involves a platform which can be lowered or raised on command manually using a lever or crank or mechanically. Some designs of suspended scaffolds include double-rope, work cages, and Boatswain’s chairs. To ensure the safety of workers, Scafflink Australia uses safety features such as emergency stop and load limiting device.

Cantilever scaffold

Cantilever scaffolding is a structure whose one end is attached to a building and secured using anchor or clamps while the other is hanging or exposed. It is usually used in tight corners and other areas which are difficult to reach.


These are just a handful of what Scafflink Australia can provide you to ensure your safety in Ipswich. With us, you can rest assured that you scaffolding specialists will meet the standards set forth by the WHS Queensland. Want to know more? Call or email us today and speak with one of our experts.