Scaffolding Cooktown: Safety First Construction

Scafflink Australia is one of the biggest scaffold and scaffold hire service providers in Australia. It caters to several cities including Cooktown.

Here in Scafflink Australia, we make sure that everything is planned out before the actual erection or dismantling of the scaffolds. 

Options Available for Cooktown Scaffolding Clients

We provide all types of scaffolding needs such as:

  • Birdcage scaffold. This is mainly used in works that will be carried out on a single level.
  • Tower scaffold. It is an independent scaffold with four vertical members connected longitudinally and transversely.
  • Mobile scaffold. It is mounted on castors. As part of our risk control management, we provide instructions on how to safely use this kind of scaffold.
  • Tube and coupler scaffold. This is made of tubes and connected by couplers. This is a heavy duty scaffold and is usually used for heavy loads and locations which requires special scaffold due to the irregularity of the location or the unusualness of the location.
  • Frame scaffold. It is a scaffold formed from pre-fabricated frames, braces and accessories and is ideal for general finishing works, paint jobs and bricklaying. This usually appears as an “A” or “H” frame.
  • Hung scaffold. One that hangs from another structure. While it is an independent structure, it is considered as fixed and cannot be moved or raised while being used.
  • Single pole scaffold. This is a dependent structure and is usually used as support. It consist of ledgers connecting single row of standards.
  • Suspended scaffold. This is a suspended scaffold which can be raised or lowered while in use. It is one of the scaffolds which are risky to use. Hence, it must be used with strict compliance to safety instructions and manufacturers’ advice.
  • Special scaffold. Special scaffolds are used for special needs such as indoor works. It has different types such as cantilever scaffold, hanging bracket scaffold, and spur scaffold.
  • Scaffold for demolition work. This is a heavy-duty scaffold used for dismantling of materials in a structure.
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Are you looking to install scaffolding on your next Cairns construction? Get to know more about our services. Send your queries through to our office.