Safety First at All Times: Scaffolding in Toowoomba

One of the most important safety steps in scaffolding – to make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the work process – is the planning stage. Scaffolding planning and design help in preventing cases of collapse, whether before, during, or after the placement of the temporary structure. Here at Scafflink Australia, our policy is take the planning stage seriously before actually starting the scaffolding work.

Scafflink’s scaffolding control measures

Among the considerations for planning is making sure that the control standards are well placed and are being observed in the workplace. Five years ago, only 59% of all scaffolding in Australia complied with safety standards. Control measures were then placed to ensure that the scaffolding in workplaces are erected, altered, and dismantled safely.


The following are some of the control measures ensured by your Toowoomba scaffold experts:

  • Assessment of ground conditions before erecting the scaffolding.
  • Making sure that footings are adequate, otherwise, the scaffolding will not be setup.
  • The bracing is erected in accordance with the manufacturer, supplier, or site requirements.
  • The scaffolding will not be used until the bracing is installed.
  • Access requirements are discussed before scaffolding is erected.
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Why choose Scafflink Australia?

At Scafflink Australia, training is very important. Hence, we make sure that our employees are licensed to perform high-risk work. In Australia, a person who undertakes scaffolding work is required to have a high-risk work license as mandated by the WHS Regulations. The scaffolding company may have any of the following:

  • Basic scaffolding license – for working involving modular or pre-fabricated scaffolds and the like;
  • Intermediate scaffolding license – for cantilevered crane loading platforms, cantilevered scaffolds, spur scaffolds, and the like; or
  • Advanced scaffolding license – when working with cantilevered hoists, hung scaffolds, and suspended scaffolds.

More importantly, we ensure that all throughout the work, our scaffolds are safe to use. To do this, Scafflink Australia conducts regular inspection and maintenance services, including inspections at hand-over and post-handover, and even after additions, modifications, and repairs. Planning, observance of control measures, and proper training are the key to our success.

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