Avoid Fall Hazards with Scaffolding Gold Coast

Commonly used in construction work, a scaffold is a structure temporarily erected when work cannot be done at ground level. If the work involves a person or object that could fall more than four metres, the WHS Regulations classified it as “high risk work.” As such, scaffolding requires that you deal with licensed scaffolding specialists like Scafflink Australia.


Here in Australia, falls are very common and these are considered as major cause of serious injury and death. Thus, scaffolding in Gold Coast follows the occupational health and safety standards to manage the risks associated with scaffolds.

Scafflink Australia makes sure to identify fall hazards

As your expert scaffolder in Gold Coast, our primary duty is to make sure that our workers are safe while at work. One of the most important steps in ensuring this is for us to identify the fall hazards. With your active cooperation, we intend to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Pinpoint the locations that could cause injury due to a fall. The areas where the work is carried out are among those that should be identified.
  • Identify the tasks that could contribute to fall hazards. Those conducted on a fragile or potentially unstable surfaces and those using equipment when working at elevated levels are particular areas to look into.
  • Walk around the work area during inspection. Carry a checklist during the process of inspection.

Scafflink Australia should ensure that any work that involves the risk of fall is carried out on solid ground.

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Scaffolding: a must for fall prevention

To prevent falls, use of scaffolding is highly recommended. However, if the scaffold is more than four metres high, the person with management of the scaffold must ensure that it is inspected by a competent person at least every 30 days and before usage.


Here at Scafflink Australia, we make sure that the scaffold that we use conforms to the standards required in the industry. We place importance not only on the safety of our workers but also that of our contractors, clients, and project. We boast of competent employees that are well-trained to ensure that our scaffolding is erected, altered, and dismantled safely.


Want to know more about how you can ensure that your next project is a lot safer? Call Scafflink Australia for professional scaffolding services in Gold Coast and nearby cities in QLD.