Scaffolding Cairns that Meet Australian Standards

Scafflink Australia provides scaffolding services in Cairns, among other parts of Australia.

Being known internationally with clients from several countries, Scafflink Australia still aims to offer the best services for the best value.

Our Scope of Scaffolding Works in Cairns

We pride ourselves in providing for all scaffolding needs in several Australian cities such as Cairns. We provide services for:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Construction or demolition
  • Formwork for suspended slab construction
  • Home building and extensions
  • Installation of guttering and roof
  • Home repairs, and
  • Gyprock and rendering solutions
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How we Minimise Risks of Scaffolding Cairns

Our team is trained in managing risks with scaffolds. In Cairns as well as in all other service areas, we manage the risks with scaffolds in four (4) easy steps:

1. Identifying hazard. Through this identify all the possible hazards erecting or dismantling scaffolds.


2. Assessing the risks. Several factors are considered in assessing risks such as type of scaffolding to be used and the height of the scaffolding to be erected. After considering these factors, we will be able to determine the best suitable kind of scaffold for the work and the necessary protective measures to be undertaken to ensure safety of workers.


3. Controlling the risk. While ideally, risk should be eliminated, this is a very hard thing to do especially in an industry such as scaffolding. The second option is to minimize the risk by using either one of the following:

  • Substitution
  • Isolation, and;
  • Engineering controls.

4. Review of the risk control measures. The last step is necessary to ensure that the control measures are complying with the current standards. More importantly, the review of the risk control measures ensures further protection of the workers’ as well as the public’s safety.

We ensure the safety and reliability of our services. Expect Scafflink Australia to strictly comply with the required standards in order to give the best scaffolding services to the people of Cairns.


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