Finding the Right Scaffolding Company in the Sunshine Coast

When you’re looking for the right scaffolding company in Sunshine Coast, you need not look any further. Scafflink Australia is your top quality scaffolder in Sunshine Coast and nearby areas in Queensland. With us, you can have the peace of mind that you are dealing with licensed technicians who have passed the standards of WHS Queensland.

Why hire Scafflink Australia for your scaffolding Sunshine Coast needs

Scafflink Australia is one of the most excellent scaffolders in Queensland. We are a family owned and operated company that has been in the scaffolding industry for more than 16 years. With our experience and skills, we can conveniently offer you our labour and transportation services for installing and dismantling scaffolds. With us, you are guaranteed that every structure we build is compliant with the laws and standards of QLD.

What type of scaffolding does your next project require?

Scafflink Australia is equipped and licensed to handle three types of scaffolding work in Sunshine Coast. These 3 types are discussed below:

  • Basic scaffolding – By the term itself, basic scaffolding involves the installation of modular or pre-fabricated scaffolds, brackets, ropes, gin wheels, safety nets, and cantilevered structures whose load limit does not exceed 50kg.

  • Intermediate scaffolding – Being a notch higher than basic scaffolding, it includes setting up tube and coupler with covered ways and gantries, cantilevered and cantilevered for crane loading, spur, barrow ramps, and mast-climbing work platforms.

  • Advanced scaffolding – This type of scaffolding work comprises the most difficult to build and maintain scaffolds. It covers all cantilevered hoists, hung from tube, rope or chain, and suspended scaffoldings.
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Scaffolding Sunshine Coast that meets safety standard

Aside from having a license for each type of scaffoldings, Scafflink Australia uses high grade tools and equipment to ensure the stability and safety of all the scaffolds it will build for you. The following are some of the tools Scafflink Australia utilises every time it designs and builds a scaffold.

  • Scaffold spanner – Also called ratchet spanner, scaffold spanner is a box or tube-designed wrench with a long swing-over handle used to tighten or loosen couplers or fittings which joins two tubes.
  • Scaffold belts – These belts are made of leather or other strong materials and are used to handle and safely carry around other tools such as spanners and podger hammers.
  • Fibre rope – Some scaffolds, gears or planks require lowering or rising. This is where fibre ropes are used. Scafflink Australia scaffolding Sunshine Coast faithfully complies with Australian Standard 4142.1 for the proper handling and caring of fibre ropes.

Want to know more about our scaffolding services in Sunshine Coast? Contact Scafflink Australia at your earliest convenience and let’s discuss how we can ensure the safety of your next construction project in QLD!