Scaffolding in Airlie Beach that Meet Australian Standards

Scafflink Australia provides scaffolding services in Airlie Beach, among other parts of Australia.

Being known internationally with clients from several countries, Scafflink Australia still aims to offer the best services for the best value.

Our Scope of Scaffolding Works in Airlie Beach

We pride ourselves in providing for all scaffolding needs in several Australian cities such as Airlie Beach. We provide services for:

• Insurance
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Construction or demolition
• Home building and extensions
• Installation of guttering and roof
• Home repairs, and
• Gyprock and rendering solutions
• Formwork for suspended slab construction

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Scaffolding Airlie Beach Installation by Licensed Workers

A scaffolding structure is a temporary provision to any building project. It covers its installation, adjustments and dismantling. Some people often do not realise how critical scaffolding work is. The job requires knowledge and technical skills, and only licenced and certified tradesmen are permitted to carry this out. 

Licences fall under different classes and are renewable every five (5) years.

  •  Basic scaffolders are permitted to install prefabricated scaffolds, bracket scaffolds and safety nets, as well as set up the cantilevered hoist.
  • Intermediate scaffolders are allowed to work with basic tasks, and they can also do installation of tubes and coupler scaffolding, or set up mast climber, ramps and sloping platforms, and undertake shutters and safety screens set up around the perimeter.
  • Advanced scaffolders can perform all of the tasks of the basic and intermediate licence holders, and they can also take care of the hanging and suspending of the scaffolds with ropes, wires or chains. They also have the skills to do dismantling of the scaffolds with care and precision.

It would be to your benefit to hire the services of qualified and licenced scaffolding professionals. Not only are the risks and dangers minimised in the work environment, you would be also be confident that the project can be carried out without any incident. Beside, sites that do not have scaffolding licences present can be ordered shut down or issued a fine by the governing agency in Australia.


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