Which Material to use: Steel vs Aluminium Scaffold

scaffold is a makeshift, non-permanent structure assembled to support construction workers and materials during construction or repair. People have been using scaffolding even in the ancient times.

What you Need to Know About Scaffolds in General

There are different types of pre-constructed, modular system of pipes or tubes. They are made from different kinds of materials such as steel, aluminium, or even wood or bamboo.

Why Choose Aluminium Scaffold?

First and foremost, the most significant advantage of an aluminium scaffold versus steel scaffold is its weight. This great contrast in materials creates a huge impact on the effectiveness of a construction staff. His ability to assemble and dismantle a system on the construction site, and the transportation of construction materials are challenged.


Secondly, the aluminium scaffold may appear to be more costly. But in time, the handling benefits may be more favourable for you.


The advantage of an aluminium scaffold is intrinsic to its being low in weight, but still in good condition to carry heavy load.


By definition, low weight is:

  • Less costs of transportation – considering size of vehicle and the amount of fuel required
  • Less labour costs – less labour for manoeuvring on construction site – aside from manpower, crane costs, as well as safety and lifting occurrences are reduced
  • Less labour needed for assembling and dismantling – less skilled personnel required and lesser man hours
  • Components are easier to handle – the lighter the parts, the easier to assemble
  • Less assembly time – faster assembly since an aluminium scaffold can be erected easily
  • Aluminium is the preferable material compared to steel when the weight of the scaffold directly affects the substrate, or whenever it has to be transferred to areas with restrictions on weight
  • Least possible harm caused to the environment or surrounding constructions

Steel vs. Aluminium Scaffold in the Construction of a Standard House


  • Average requirement: 4 men by 8 hours or total 32 hours of labour
  • Truck capacity: 12 tons – probably requiring more than 1 delivery
  • Adjustments need serious manpower


  • Average requirement: 2 men by 6 hours or total 12 hours of labour
  • Truck capacity: 6 tons – can be in only one delivery
  • Adjustments need only one scaffolder and probably a helper

Given all these reasons, it is not difficult to believe why most people prefer aluminium scaffold. What goes with these advantages are the additional benefits of safety and flexibility.

What kind of scaffold material does your construction need? Be sure to inquire only from the experts. Contact Scaff Connect for your scaffolding needs.