Using Second Hand Scaffolding for your Construction

Whether it is for home or industrial use, the use of second hand scaffolding is not taboo. This is an effective cost reduction measure, undertaken by households and those who belong to the industrial sector.

Pros of Second Hand Scaffolding

  • It is cheaper. It is a given fact that purchasing second hand things costs cheaper than brand new ones. This also applies to second hand scaffolding since you are buying it at its depreciated value.
  • Cost effective for short term use. If you are not looking to install scaffolding for a long period, then it is wiser not to invest on brand new scaffolding. So that when the time comes, disposing your second hand scaffolding does not become a problem.

Cons of Second Hand Scaffolding

  • Buying a depreciated item. The negative side of buying second hand scaffolding is the fact that what you are buying may be a depreciated item. It may have been used for a long time before your purchase. As such, do not expect it to be marketable (in case you decided to sell it after use).
  • Maybe poorly maintained. In order to maintain it in a tip top condition, how did the previous owner take care of it? Was it the proper way to maintain scaffolding?

Risks of Buying Poorly-Maintained Second Hand Scaffolding

Buying a second hand scaffolding that has not been well maintained poses serious issues as to the risks it entails.


Here are some risks that can be identified with buying second hand scaffolding:

  • No warranty. In case something goes wrong with some parts or functioning of your second hand scaffolding, you cannot go after the seller. This is because second hand selling is an “as is, where is” mode of transaction which means that you buy the products as you see it. In almost all cases, you are not protected from hidden defects.
  • Shorter lifespan. If you are buying something that you will rent out or you will use principally for your business, buying second hand scaffolding may not be for you.

Since second hand scaffolding has already been used before, it will render you a shorter amount of time of service. Do not expect that you will be able to use it as long as the brand new ones since factors such as previous care and maintenance affects the length of usability of such devices and instruments.

  • Financially unwise. If you are planning to use the scaffolding for a long time, you may want to invest in brand new ones.

Since second hand scaffolding has a shorter lifespan, you may have to purchase two or three scaffoldings during the entire time that equates to the lifespan of a brand new scaffolding. In the long run, it will still be cheaper to buy new ones.

There are still many benefits in using second hand scaffolding. However, you to make sure that the scaffolding company is able to efficiently maintain the scaffold. This will minimise, if not totally avoid, the risks of second hand scaffolding.

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