Scaffolder Job Information

Are you interested in becoming a scaffolder? Or are you wondering what our job entails?

scaffolder is a construction professional whose specialty is in the assembly of scaffolding and platforms. These skilled workers can put up scaffolding meant for building construction. They can also work on offshore oil rigs, power stations, and events such as parade viewing platforms.

Possibilities for this kind of job varies, with demand increasing during good economic standing. Standard pay is quite modest, since the work required is mostly basic. But those whose specialty is more complex type of scaffolding jobs may tend to request for higher wages.

What We Do

A scaffolder is expected some or all of these:

  • compute scaffolding load and determine what type of scaffolding platform to construct
  • inspect work sites for risks
  • do the unloading of scaffolding from trucks
  • fit steel tubes and support braces together to form the structure of the scaffolding
  • set wooden boards or sole plates on the ground to spread out the weight of the scaffolding
  • fasten and secure to the scaffolding the ladders and guard rails
  • dismantle the scaffolding and load it onto trucks
  • examine and keep in good condition all the scaffolding equipment
  • regularly verify the safety of the assembled scaffolding
  • discuss with clients and get to know their needs and requirements

Required skills and knowledge

Scaffolders are required to have:

  • expertise on how to build and dislodge scaffolding
  • understanding of how to use and care for scaffolding equipment
  • be well-informed of building rules and regulations
  • knowledge of workplace and construction site safety regulations
  • the capability to recognise potential hazards
  • the capacity to decode building plans and diagrams

Working conditions

Here’s what scaffolders should expect on the job:

  • working duration is typically 40-hours per week, but may be required to work longer hours, and possibly on weekends
  • expect work venue to be outdoors, on buildings, and even concert grounds and sports venues, boats, bridges and oil rigs
  • anticipate working at heights, and possibly in hazardous conditions
  • expect a lot of travel locally to work sites, and possible out of town travel for large-scale projects

For more inquiries on scaffolding, please do not hesitate to call Scaff Connect and we’d be happy to hear from you.