Scaff Connect: Knowing the Basics

With the emergence of construction and other developments comes also the growth of the scaffolding industry in Australia. And over the years, the need for scaffolding Australia has not wavered due to the constant and consistent progress of the economy.


Aside from buildings and skyscrapers, there has also been a constant construction of residential and commercial structures. Population has been growing steadily every year and this has also contributed to the growing developments.

What you need to know about scaffolding

But first, what is scaffolding? Well, it is a contraption which is not part of the structure being built. It is temporary but is still very important to the construction process. It is used for supporting workers, tools, and other materials needed. They are usually made from various materials, in the olden times, bamboo or wood was used, however during our time, they have changed to steel or aluminium which stronger than the former.


There are various systems and designs of the scaffold. They have grown over time and have developed depending on the nature of work. The scaffolding system in Australia has also grown into different types, including:

  • Pump-jack scaffold
  • X-deck ladder scaffold
  • Baker staging scaffold
  • Putlog scaffold
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Due to the widespread use of scaffolding especially in engineering projects, there have also been strides in pushing safety and health standards when using these structures. Scaffolds in Australia are used usually for works which are high risk projects – as seen in scaffoldings being used in skyscrapers.

Why choose Scaff Connect

Scaffolding Australia companies, in more ways than one, help build the country. Scaff Connect, like other companies, help make things move forward. As for us, we are a premier scaffold company, and we are capable of addressing all your scaffolding needs. Whether you need the scaffolds for your residential, commercial, or industrial construction, you can team up with Scaff Connect anytime of the year.


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