Safe and Secure Roof Scaffolding

Your roof plays an important role in your house, especially in keeping you protected from both heat and cold. As such, any damage to your roof must be repaired immediately. The same goes when you have a new home and you are in the process of having it designed and constructed. For all these and more, Scaff Connect is here to assist.

At Scafflink, we provide roof scaffolding to ensure the safe and secure construction, repair and maintenance of your roof. Our roof scaffolding services are provided by none other than our licensed scaffolders who strictly abide by the code of conduct of Safe Work Australia.

How scaffolding work is done

Before anything else, the very first thing that needs to be accomplished before any type of scaffolding work is to plan. It is very important to understand the following:

  • safety and maintenance procedures of work
  • possible hazards
  • minimisation, or if possible, total elimination of risks

After accomplishing all of these, the next step would be to understand and analyse the type of work to be done.

Your choice of scaffolding for your roofing needs

No two types of construction work are the same, and so every situation or problem is fixed differently. Because of this, it is important that you know which of the three types of scaffolding strategies should be employed:

Aluminium Scaffold For Hire & Sale - Scaff Connect

Birdcage scaffolding

This type of strategy is mostly used for indoor ceiling works because it is capable of moving up and down vertically. Understand that to properly make this type of scaffolding, always inquire about using “work lifts” as these would help in reaching higher areas.

Tower scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is independent and does not need any kind of support from another structure. However, it is imperative to use a very strong type of framing for this to make sure that everything is stable and in place.

Mobile scaffolding

Lastly, this type of scaffolding strategy is one where you become flexible because of its mobility. It has wheels under the scaffolding such that you can move from place to place if needed without deconstructing and constructing the scaffolding again. Safety will be an issue here so always make sure that the brakes are working properly.

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