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The construction scaffolding industry has developed steadily in Australia, thanks to the growing number of projects here and here. And for decades, Scaff Connect has been there, continuously supplying and servicing this industry, and keeping an eye on our vision of creating an industry that focuses on excellence and safety.

What are construction scaffolds?

In building construction, a scaffold is used as a tool to help lift workers and tools to higher levels above ground. They are usually used for work such as repairing, cleaning, or constructing large structures. Most commonly used to build them are aluminium and steel. They are usually erected from the ground, however, there are cases where these scaffolds are built from the top and hung by a rope. Construction scaffolding is particularly useful in building structures.

Keeping your construction project safe

Necessary precautionary procedures need to be in place in order to keep safety a priority. Here are some of them:

  • Workers need to be trained and competent enough for the scaffolding work. Lead workers or foremen should be licensed and experts in the scaffolding system they are to erect. Click here for scaffolding guidelines in QLD.
  • The company must have professional supervisors to keep workers checked and controlled to minimise mistakes. Creating hierarchical positions, such as “trainee scaffolder”, “qualified scaffolder”, “master foreman”, and others would make things more systematised and in order.
  • A process flow handbook or procedural book on erection, alteration, and dismantling of construction scaffolding should be created for all to use. The design engineer should be in-charge of creating this while taking into account health and safety in the workplace.
  • There should be a zero-accident policy. Management should implement this to emphasise safety. Safety officers should be employed to make sure all things are stable.
  • Proper documentation about all the work being done should be in place as well. Including constant reports should be done to show the status and the progress of any project.
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Construction scaffolding is no easy thing but it is doable. Scaff Connect has been in the industry for a long time. They have employees who are master scaffolders that have years of expertise in their belts. You need not worry about your construction scaffolding if you choose to Scaff Connect. It is the best decision you will make for your construction company.