Cheap Scaffolding, Quality Scaffolding Works

Scaffolding is an essential part of building projectsrenovations and refurbishments. Working on projects that need scaffolding, however, doesn’t necessarily mean one needs to buy expensive scaffolding.


Unless you intend to use scaffolding on a daily basis, purchasing one would not be very practical. In such instances, scaffold hire would probably be a much more viable option. 

Scaffold Hire: Inexpensive Option

Some things to remember:

  • Hiring is generally cheaper than purchasing.
  • Price is dependent on the length of time the equipment is to be used.
  • It will save you money from purchasing all of the scaffolding you need
  • It will save you space required for storing the scaffolding.

In other words, cheap scaffolding, doesn’t necessarily equate to sub-quality scaffolding. In fact, many good companies hire out top quality equipment for reasonable prices.

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Tips in Getting Cheap Scaffolding

  1. Different scaffolds will have different prices. For instance, larger ones will be more expensive than smaller ones. Mobile scaffolds also tend to cost more than stationary ones.
  2. Getting the right scaffold for one’s project is the first step in ensuring that one gets the best possible price for the equipment to be hired.
  3. Any good company that hires out scaffolding will be happy to discuss the needs and requirements of their customers in order to come up with the most suitable scaffolding to be used.
  4. The final price of scaffold hire will be determined by the length of time the scaffolding will be needed. The amount of jacks and walk boards that will be used are also kept in mind.
  5. As with any purchase, it is advisable to compare suppliers and to choose the supplier and price that best fits one’s budget and requirements.
  6. Being able to rent reasonably cheap but good quality scaffolding can definitely bring down the cost of a project.
  7. With a little forward planning, it’s also possible to build one’s own cheap scaffolding. This is especially useful for small-scale, short-term projects.
  8. The easiest and simplest way to do this is with two multipurpose extension ladders and a wooden board.
  9. It is important to test the strength of the board prior to using it. The best way to do this is to place each end of the board on the lower rungs of each ladder and to walk across the board slowly.

In any case, remember that safety must always be a priority. Scaffolding, no matter how cheap, should be as safe as possible at all times.

Let’s talk more about you getting inexpensive but high quality scaffold hire. Scaff Connect is just a visit, a call or an email away.