What to Look for When you Buy Scaffolding

Are you thinking about buying second hand scaffolding for your business or maybe for your personal home use? Scaff Connect highly recommends that before you buy scaffolding, make sure to weigh the pros and cons involved in your buying decision. All the more when you decide to buy second hand materials.

Pros and cons of buying second hand scaffolding

Advantages of buying second hand scaffold:

  • Cheaper – it is definitely so much cheaper than a new scaffold. Because it was already used before in other projects, it will definitely be less costly in a financial sense.
  • Cost effective – look at it in the short term. If you think you will only use it once and then dispose of it after, then it would be best to buy a second-hand scaffold.

Advantages of buying second hand scaffold:

  • Uncertainty of its condition – you are not sure of the condition of the scaffolding material. You may not know where and how it was used before, or whether it has already been exposed to various natural weathering agents that would have weakened it.
  • No warranty – since these are second hand scaffolds, expect that the seller of this item will give no personal warranty. You will be in danger of defects, which are not initially seen upon purchase.
  • Not for long-term use – second hand scaffolding may not last for long as the life of the material may have already been diminished. In the end, you may have to buy a new one and that could mean you may be spending more instead of saving.
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If you plan to buy second-hand scaffolding, the decision will boil down to price versus safety concerns. If you believe the cheap price does not outweigh the nature of the material being old, with no warranty and having a shorter lifespan, then you should buy scaffolding that is brand new.

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