Safe and Secure with Scaffolding Wyong

Your scaffolding Wyong experts are here to help continue building our suburb. With 24.1% of businesses in Wyong being involved in construction, there is always a need for quality scaffolding Wyong service.

Scaffolding Wyong Services Covered by WorkCover

Here at Scaff Connect, our scaffolding Wyong services follow the occupational health and safety standards imposed by WorkCover NSW.

Scaffolding Wyong observes design requirements as proposed by WorkCover, some of which are listed below:

  • Scaffold standards must be manufactured from tube 48.3 mm OD x 4 mm wall thickness with a minimum steel grade C250 to ensure minimum yield strength.
  • Scaffold standards must be free of bends and damages.
  • Height to the top working platform must be no more than 20 m.
  • Fully planked platform levels must not be more than 10.
  • Hop-up platforms must not be more than 10.
  • Regardless of the duty rating of the working platform in the adjacent scaffold bay, working platforms supported by hop-up brackets must only be loaded with light duty.
  • Highest vertical extension of a clad scaffold above the highest tie should not be more than 2 m.
  • Scaffold, where necessary, should be sheeted with chain-wire mesh and a minimum of 20 per cent porosity shade cloth.
  • Each second standard must be tied to a supporting structure of adequate strength, at a maximum of 4 m vertical intervals.
  • Apart from other load, safety of personnel using scaffolds are also threatened by wind load. Scaffolds should not be erected near a cliff edge or in areas where high winds may occur during the time of erection, use, and up to dismantle of the scaffolding.
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The requirements listed above are only some of those given by WorkCover. More detailed and more specified requirements can be given by our personnel here at Scaffolding Wyong.

Employing only Qualified Scaffolding Wyong Tradesmen

Here at Scaffolding Wyong, we put high value on the safety of our employees and the workers of our clients.

Our practises and scaffolding material follow closely the guidelines set by WorkCover New South Wales.

Our employees are professionally trained to help in the erection, installation, and dismantling of scaffolding.

Should you need help in scaffolding Wyong services, whether it be scaffold hire or scaffold installation, call us at Scaff Connect.