Licensed and Efficient Scaffolding Thornton Experts

One of the advantages of working with well-trained professionals is knowing that the job will get done. Your scaffolding Thornton specialists are licensed scaffolders who deliver fast and efficient results that comply with Australian Standards.

Basic to Advanced Scaffolders for every Scaffolding Thornton Service

Scaffolds are temporary structures used for construction. They are used as platforms so that workers may be able to work at height safely and securely. The term ‘scaffolding work’ involves the erection, dismantling, and alteration of scaffolds.


It can be divided into three (3) licensed categories:

  • Basic scaffolding work involves work with prefabricated materials. Scaffolders of this type can assemble the scaffold, as well as install the cantilever hoist for pulling construction materials to different heights.
  • Intermediate scaffolding work adds on the basic scaffold structure by installation of tubes and coupler scaffolding, mast climbers, and ramp platforms, among others. Scaffolders of this type require more specialised training as they manipulate and add to the scaffolds more; not relying on just the prefabricated materials.
  • Advanced scaffolding work makes use of suspended scaffolds, on top of the other basic and intermediate tasks involved. Work in sky-scrapers, where the scaffolds are lowered from the top-most level are the most easily visible work of this kind.

Our Dedication to Quality Scaffolding Thornton

All scaffolding work has key aspects that contribute to the success of projects. Hiring professionals for the task helps ensure that risks are identified and managed from the get-go. Here, plans are executed well. Likewise, safety standards are met all through-out.

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Typically, operations that do not reach four (4) metres above the ground do not require scaffolding. Above that height where the risk is higher, however, scaffolds become standard procedure. The advantage of working with licensed scaffolders is knowing that they are recognised and regulated for their skill-set.

Your scaffolding Thornton experts can operate along the 3 licensed categories. Know that your project is safe with quality scaffolding Thornton services.

Scaff Connect will guide you through all the scaffolding work you need. Contact us and let’s get started on your next project.