Efficient Scaffolding Singleton is Key to Successful Construction

Singleton, located on the north-eastern part of the Sydney Basin. It is, therefore, a witness to the rise of the coal mining and electricity generation industries in Australia. This success brought about an upsurge in the construction business within the town, creating an influx of building contractors for hire.


Today, about 80% of the overall construction services rendered is attributed to scaffolding erection and dismantling. These are just some of the core scaffolding Singleton services provided by Scaff Connect.

Top-Quality Scaffolding in Singleton

Established in 1998, Scaff Connect has been delivering top-notch service for 16 years. We give first-rate assistance in residential, commercial, industrial, or any other building construction that require a skilled team of scaffolding workers, high-grade materials, and a premium on work safety and efficiency.

For every scaffolding Singleton client, we offer the following services:

  • Use of scaffolding equipment
  • Steel or aluminium scaffolding erection
  • Dismantling of scaffolding equipment upon construction completion
  • Assistance in planning, designing, and monitoring scaffolding construction
  • Scaffolding manpower for hire
Aluminium Scaffold For Hire & Sale Singleton - Scaff Connect

Efficient and Budget Friendly Scaffold Installation

Scaff Connect works with 3 types of scaffolding installation. These scaffolding and accessories types are:

  • Kwikstage scaffold
  • Peri Up scaffold
  • Aluminium scaffold

Our scaffolding Singleton services also utilise our state-of-the-art Scaffmesh – a product developed by Scaff Connect as a direct alternative for conventional brickguards.

Our Scaffmesh product is a great choice of replacement for the standard material due to its many benefits:

  • Lightweight compared to conventional brickguards
  • 10 times more efficient to install than chain wire
  • Eliminates the need for brickguards, chain wire, shade cloth / boards, thus reducing stock costs
  • Reusable

Scaff Connect boasts of a wide network of contacts within the country and internationally. This assures you that we have the means of providing quality scaffold that meet your needs.

Scaff Connect also works in compliance with the occupational health and safety parameters, as well as the NSW WorkCover guidelines. Not only do we provide our workers with full compensation and insurance coverage, we also maintain a high standard in safety measures.

Always, we take into consideration environmental concerns to minimise harmful impact to the surrounding areas.

Scaff Connect is here to help you with your Singleton scaffolding needs. Call us today and let’s talk about your visions for your next project.