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Scaffolds address unique aspects of construction problems. Unlike conventional ladders, scaffolds are platforms that can be raised according to the needed height requirement for work on a given structure. Unlike ladders, scaffolds have more stability and balance, ensuring the safety of workers and securing the work needed to be done.

Working without Scaffolding: Construction Site Risks

According to Safe Work Australia, 2596 workers died between the years 2002-2012 due to work-related accidents. In 2012, the share of this number was 223; 29 individuals (13 %) died from falling from a height. 8 of these workers fell from the roof of buildings.

Talking Safety and Scone Scaffolding

Different construction situations carry different safety risks. Part of quality scaffolding work is being able to anticipate and plan for the risks that may be involved. The following are some of the steps qualified scaffolders take into account when considering safety in scaffolding work:

  • Identify the hazards in construction sites. Consider the work involved in the erection, use, maintenance, alteration and dismantling of scaffolds, as well as the other environment in which scaffolds will be used. Watch out for electrical lines, falling objects, and other safety concerns.
  • Assess the risks involved in the operation. For example, identifying what type of scaffold to use, at what height the scaffold should stand, the schedule of work, and the layout of the site.
  • Control for risk. After identifying and assessing the risks, controlling for risks involves choosing and identifying the correct control measures to be used. It also includes knowing the optimum combination of the control measures that apply.
  • Plan and execute. Plan scaffolding work, and execute the plan following the assessments and controls determined earlier.
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Your scaffolding Scone expert offers solutions to different types of scaffolding needs, and addresses the risks they come with. As a professional and licensed company, scaffolding Scone is equipped to address tasks that require basic to intermediate to advanced types of scaffolding work.

Scaff Connect’s scaffolding work importantly addresses the various safety concerns from the stage of identifying hazards, to assessing the risks, and to controlling for these risks.

Expect safe, secure and quality service from your scaffolding Scone specialist. Contact Scaff Connect, and get started on your next project.