Managing Risks through Professional Scaffolding Gloucester

With the help of Scaff Connect, you can have safer and more effective scaffolding Gloucester. That means you do will have peace of mind knowing that your workers are safe while they continue with the construction project. Scaff Connect’s systematic process of scaffolding work guarantees to meet the safety requirements of the NSW government and Australia’s WorkCover.

Identifying the hazards in scaffolding Gloucester

One of the most important benefits of using scaffolds is that it involves identifying the hazards that come with the assembly, use, and dismantling of scaffolds.


Among these risks are:

  • Scaffold collapse
  • Falls from heights
  • Working near overhead electric lines
  • Mobile plant and other workplace traffic
  • Fixing components from different scaffold systems
  • Falling objects

Scaff Connect ensures that these hazards are identified and are acted upon. Our trained and certified professionals are responsible for ensuring that these hazards are avoided and that risks are minimised.

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Assessing the risks involved in scaffolding Gloucester

One of the major tasks of your scaffolding company is the assessment of risks. Scaff Connect specialises in risk assessment and you can count on us to deliver the right scaffold according to the risks involved in your construction project.

Before we start working, Scafflink considers the following to ensure a more effective scaffolding job:

  • type of scaffold to be used
  • height of the scaffold to be erected
  • scheduling of the scaffolding work
  • layout of the workplace, including proximity to public areas
  • ground conditions where the scaffold will be erected, including weather conditions
  • number of workers involved
  • plant and equipment to be used on or near the scaffold
  • required skills to assemble, use, and dismantle the scaffold
  • noise and UV exposures, and others involved

Why choose Scaff Connect for your scaffolding Gloucester

Gloucester home and business owners prefer Scaff Connect as we offer all-around scaffolding work. As such, after identifying the possible hazards and assessing the risks that may be associated with scaffolding Gloucester, Scaff Connect now applies appropriate control measures.

For Scaff Connect, it is but always necessary to keep in mind the safety at the workplace. Everything involved in constructing a building, even scaffolding Gloucester, should take careful and utmost consideration to protect the workers and everyone at the construction site. The goal, after all, is to minimise, if not totally avoid accidents from happening.

Want to know more about the services offered by Scaff Connect? Contact us and let’s discuss how we can improve the safety in your next project!