Scaffolding Cessnock that Abides by the Standards

Scaff Connect is a company committed to erecting scaffolds that are safe and secure. Our scaffolding work meets Australian standards of quality and safety. We recognise your needs in erecting scaffolds for their projects, and this is why we are providing professional assistance to overcome the difficulties and challenges in building scaffolds.

Scaff Connect’s fall prevention system

We have been designing and erecting scaffolds for 16 years. And one of our processes in building a scaffold is putting a fall injury prevention system:


The fall injury prevention system includes:


– Solid scaffolding
– Full restraint systems
– Proper fall-arrest systems
– Catch platforms
– Safety nets
– Safety mesh


Safe Work Australia, which leads the development of national policy for improving the health and safety of workers across the country, reported that 232 deaths took place due to falls at work between 2003 and 2011. If only they complied with the safety guidelines, accidents like these could have been avoided.

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Safe Work sets out the Code of Practice – Prevention of Falls on Construction Sites which outlines best practices and regulations when working at heights. The code requires everyone must take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that persons at or near building or construction sites are not exposed to health and safety risks. The code also advises everyone to adapt safety responsibilities and to not create risks to themselves or others.

Scaff Connect’s risk management approach

A 3-step risk management approach to be used to identify, assess and control the risk of falls was also included:


Step 1: Identify the hazards
Step 2: Assess the risk
Step 3: Control the risk


In order to improve our safety guidelines, Scaff Connect continues to implement the best practices in scaffolding. Our priority is safety, and that is why we conduct training programs for our licenced scaffolders. The information gathered in these guidelines is being used to raise the level of quality in our scaffolding business for current and future scaffolding Cessnock projects.


We have qualified and competent personnel with scaffolding licence. Our certified scaffolders apply their knowledge of erection protocols to ensure that errors are minimised, if not completely avoided.


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